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LIQFRIC starts Manufacturing in 2020

During the most recent advisory board meeting the company has decided, due to the ongoing positive results of the projects with its unique LIQFRIC® technology, that an investment into the manufacturing capability of prototypes and small series products is needed.

The foundress of LF GmbH & Co. KG, U. Wittig, quoted: “Due to the strong interest expressed by several of our project partners, we have learned about the significant and increasing demand for our liquid friction technology. We strive to live up to the future demand with this investment.”

A manufacturing concept including a floor plan and a machine layout plan has been created for a prototype – or small series manufacturing line with a size-dependent annual capacity between 5.000 – 50.000 pieces of friction goods. The semi-automatic line will provide a variable capacity for the fields of application sampled so far. The line is targeted to become operational within the next 6-12 months.

“With this prototype line we will be able to demonstrate the capability of our alternative friction material concept in a serial manufacturing environment and expand the width of application as more potential volume will find its way to the LIQFRIC® material concept“ stated Roman Milczarek, director of R&D.

LF GmbH & Co. KG has selected a number of strategic partners to develop their LIQFRIC®-material concept based on the current and future strategic requirements including electromobility aspects. We are looking forward to 2020 which will become a breakthrough year for our company and the steady development of our core technology. We are very grateful to have several business partners supporting our concept of alternative friction materials.

LF GmbH & Co. KG was founded in March 2016 in Leverkusen, Germany and follows the strategic thought of producing friction material based on a two-component water-based liquid friction compound, that can be cured at room temperature (faster at elevated temperatures), and provides high-temperature stable friction materials for automotive, rail, clutch and industrial applications. The company has established developmental projects and cooperations with some key players in the brake – and clutch producing industry in Europe and most prominently in Germany.

Leverkusen, Germany

LIQFRIC at The Brake Report

LIQFRIC® Allows Sensors Embedded in Brake Pad

Leverkusen, Germany – Development of sensor technology in brake pads for the user’s benefit is part of the platform strategy of LIQFRIC® – the first innovative brake-pad-from-liquid process pioneered by LF GmbH & Co. KG.



RFID transponder successfully embedded into a friction pad for the first time!

“We have met one of our most important development goals of 2019! We have embedded a RFID chip into a brake pad for the first time. Based on our LIQFRIC® technology for the manufacturing of friction materials from liquid phase, we have embedded a preprogrammed chip during the die-casting process into a friction pad and successfully read it out.”


LF GmbH & Co. KG and LBF Fraunhofer Gesellschaft launch an implementation project within the framework of Mittelstand 4.0:


LIQFRIC at The Brake Report

EuroBrake 2019: LIQFRIC Making Progress With New Tech

LF GmbH & Co. KG, which is promoting its LIQFRIC approach to friction technology, was at EuroBrake 2019 updating its business plan and product offering, which focuses on applying friction material onto brakes and clutches in liquid form before curing.


LIQFRIC at EuroBrake 2019

Visit us: Booth 30 | 21-29 May, 2019 – Dresden, GER

Technical Programme

Tuesday 21 May 2016 | 14:40 – 16:00

3D Printing of Friction Material II

Waterbased Liquid Friction Compounds

Dr. Roman Milczarek

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LF GmbH & Co. KG and LBF Fraunhofer Gesellschaft launch an implementation project within the framework of Mittelstand 4.0:

LF GmbH & Co. KG und LBF Fraunhofer Gesellschaft starten ein Umsetzungsprojekt im Rahmen Mittelstand 4.0:

"Conception, development and validation of a sensor integrated in a friction lining of a brake"

“Konzeptionierung, Entwicklung und Validierung der Sensorintegration in den Reibbelag einer Bremse“